A study published by the eu.bac shows that home heating controls should play a more prominent role in the European Commission's strategy for energy efficiency.

Results show that a greater uptake of existing heating control technologies in European homes would, by 2030, reduce fuel bills by around €2.7 in benefits.

Gerhard Glinzerer, chairman of the eu.bac residential sector group, said: “This study confirms what industry has always believed and should serve as a ‘wake-up call’ to those who have neglected the importance of heating controls as an energy saving measure.

“From the perspective of policy makers this is not so much low-hanging fruit as a windfall – a huge potential for energy savings from existing, low-cost and readily available technologies that has not before been properly quantified.”

The eu.bac says it will continue to work with the European Commission to show how the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives can be utilised in conjunction with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive to provide a much stronger regulatory framework to bring the benefits of these cost effective technologies to every European citizen.