A national network for installers has seen a "significant increase" in enquiries following the launch of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. Futureproof says the new incentives for homeowners to carry out energy efficiency improvements will boost the activity of installers.

Adam Mitchell, managing director of Futureproof, believes the concerns expressed by companies including Baxi that red tape would still deter installers were "misplaced".

Mr Mitchell said: "The main reason we set up the Futureproof network seven months ago was to help ensure as many installers as possible were able to take advantage of the Green Deal.

"Installers having to become PAS 2030 registered was a big issue until the launch of Futureproof, but we are now able to help installers access Green Deal jobs by becoming part of our network.

"Since the launch of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, we have seen a significant increase in enquiries from installers keen to join the network and start taking on jobs.

"While the Green Deal still may not be perfect, the new incentives offered by the government will hopefully help start unlocking work for installers and give consumers the confidence to find out more about the energy efficiency measures they can introduce into their homes."

Futureproof network offers installers:

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