Despite high profile campaigning, Legionnaires' disease remains a key problem in the UK. In 2010 alone 350 cases were detected with an average of 10 to 15% resulting in fatalities. Mark Dowdeswell discusses the top five rules for ensuring safe drinking water

Other considerations include ensuring the correct size pipe is specified, too large and water could collect on the surface of the pipe not in use. Making pipe routes as direct as possible will also lessen the risk of drinking water contamination.

Dead legs are one of the major causes of legionella outbreaks. Traditional T-piece plumbing systems in particular can cause fluid to collect and stagnate. Fortunately, alternative installations methods, such as serial or loop, which are increasingly being used on the continent, can prevent this by designing dead legs out of the system.

Pictured: Mark Dowdeswell is plumbing application manager for Uponor UK

Pictured: Serial installations - as used in Europe - significantly reduce the risk of stagnation