The Hot Water Association is calling on government to include hot water cylinders in the list of approved energy efficiency measures outlined in the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

 he new initiative will see homeowners eligible to receive a grant of £1,000 to install two combined energy efficiency measures, £500 for those who do it within a year of moving into a property and up to £6000 for more specific measures like solid wall installation.

Isaac Occhipinti of HWA said: "It is extremely disappointing that hot water cylinders are not currently included in the scheme and we believe this omission to be a little short sighted.

 "The government is committed to encouraging home owners to become ‘renewable ready,’ but as hot water storage is presently the only practical solution of turning the energy produced by these renewable technologies into something useful and banking it for when it is needed, it seems odd that cylinders have failed to make the list. We hope this will be rectified shortly."