APHC is reminding installers that the Water Label will start to appear on a wide range of products as of summer 2014.

The voluntary Water Label scheme provides information on volumes of water use between similar products. In this way, the label aims to help consumers to make purchase decisions in favour of high water-efficient bathroom fittings such as taps, showers, WCs and baths.

The new label design shows the volume of water that the product will consume - if installed correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions - and is similar in design to the energy label found on white goods.

John Thompson, chief executive of APHC said: “The Water Label represents a significant step forward for the industry. Not only will it help consumers to understand a product’s water consumption, flow and performance but consumers will be well equipped to save on utility bills as well as contributing to saving water as a resource.

“The sustained interest in efficiency is spreading and bathroom designers are now introducing pioneering products that offer high water and energy efficiency and still provide high performance and customer satisfaction.”

The Water Using Products Group, facilitated by WRAP, reached an agreement to use water efficiency information on all bathroom fittings through the use of The Water Label. The Water Label was developed by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association and is now operated by The Water Label Company.