Underfloor heating and integrated renewable solutions supplier Nu-Heat asks whether, with such a long build up to the domestic RHI and so many expectations to live up to, industry can expect to see a real boom in the uptake of renewable technologies. Adrian Troop shares his thoughts

The initial figures are promising, with DECC hoping to see 35,000 households sign up in the first year alone. If these targets are met, it is clear that it’s not just the homeowners who are set to benefit - installers and suppliers will also have a real opportunity to capitalise on the growing renewables market.

The Domestic RHI aims to encourage homeowners to switch to alternative, renewable heating solutions, such as heat pumps, by offering a financial incentive in the form of payback tariffs. The quarterly payments are calculated and paid over a seven-year period to help offset the initial cost of installing the renewable technology. During the payback period and beyond, the homeowner will also benefit from on-going savings to their energy bills due to running a more efficient heating system in their home.

Adrain troop is a founder and director of Nu-Heat