The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has recommended that homeowners repairing their properties following the recent floods should consider additional flood defence measures.

Yesterday (8 April 2014), RICS warned homeowners that the average cost of repairing a typical three-bedroom, semi-detached property is £30,000, including the likes of timber floors, plasterboard, kitchen units and cavity wall insulation. It also revealed that flood proofing could cost an additional £15,000.

However, the industry body recommended that homeowners consider these additional flood defence measures, including adding non-return valves to drains, raising power points and laying tiled floors. While costly, RICS argues that the amount of money saved and disruption avoided in the long term make it a sound investment, especially for those without comprehensive building insurance.

Director Gary Strong said: "Now the flooding is over, those who have been affected will naturally go back to their homes, assess the damage and lodge insurance claims to get their lives back on track. In many cases, costs will be covered by the homeowner's insurer, but there are many out there who do not have comprehensive cover and could end up footing a very large repair bill.

"In either case, we recommend that those affected consider extra flood defences. It can take months to get a home back to its original state and the disruption caused can be catastrophic to many people's lives. Money now could turn out to be a very shrewd investment further down the line."

RICS advises those who have been affected by flooding and are unsure what to do next to consult a chartered building surveyor and download the free flooding guide from its website.