More than 350 students have successfully achieved the Diploma in Construction & Built Environment (C&BE) qualification for 14 to 19 year olds.

The results were announced shortly after the government said it would continue to support the qualification as long as there is demand. The Diploma has been recognised as giving young people knowledge of emerging trends such as carbon reduction and modern methods of construction.

This will put them in a very strong position when entering the industry or Higher Education, and also has the potential to benefit current workers, who may be able to learn these new skills from Diploma achievers.

The results showed that, at the Advanced level, which is equivalent to three-and-a-half A-Levels, students yielded a pass rate of 91%. This standard was also reflected at the Higher level, which is equivalent to seven A* to C grade GCSEs, where 238 young people gained a C or above, with an overall pass rate of 83%.

At Foundation level, a total of 63 students achieved their Diploma, with an overall success rate of 50%. One student also completed the Diploma in C&BE at Progression level.

Developed by employers, schools, colleges and universities, the Diploma in C&BE  is modular in structure and aims to help young people aged 14 to 19 realise their potential and gain knowledge and skills in a ‘real world’ environment. It has the flexibility to be taken instead of, or alongside GCSEs, A-Levels or other vocational subjects.