Document J now recognises the alternative installation methods introduced in the latest edition of the European standard for the installation of flues and chimneys, reports the British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers Association.

An acknowledgement of the updated standard (BSEN 15287-1) has been posted in the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section of Document J. This removes any grey issues in working to the updated European standard.

The UK annex to BSEN 15287-1, the installation standard for flues and chimneys was revised in 2013. The updated standard contains a number of significant changes in installation practice for wood burning and multi fuel stoves. Stainless steel twin wall flue can now be used as connecting flue pipe, connecting directly to appliance. This can significantly reduce the required distance to combustibles. Under certain circumstances the length of horizontal flue through a wall can be increased from 150mm to 450mm, simplifying the connection through the wall to an external flue. The new annex also suggests alternative ways to facilitate the visual inspection of enclosed stainless steel flues in voids, as required by Document J.

The BFCMA guide, entitled General Guidance on the Selection and Installation of Flues and Chimneys for Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Appliances gives clear guidance on how to install a flue in accordance with the new standard.