The Energy & Utilities Alliance has developed its Heat Network Group with the introduction of four special interest groups.

The Heat Network Group was formed at the end of last year to lobby on behalf of those involved in the sector, and to look at whether heat networks – a central source supplying heat directly to homes and businesses through a network of pipes carrying hot water – could be a feasible alternative to individual renewable technologies.

“We formed the Heat Network Group in response to a demand from the industry,” said Mike Foster, chief executive of the EUA. “The UK government is currently funding investigative work in a number of English cities to establish the potential for a heat network, and we need to work with them on this.”

Following the Group’s second meeting, there are now four sub groups, in order to best represent those working in the industry. The groups are as follows:

“Having four sub groups with a subject-specific agenda will allow us not only to respond more effectively, but also enable us to put industry in the driving seat as the policy framework is drafted,” Mr Foster explained.

The EUA has also recently attended a meeting held by the Parliamentary Renewable & Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG) to represent members of its new Heat Network Group.

Gary Cottrell, EUA manager, said: “Attending the PRASEG meeting, which specifically looked at the role that heat networks can play in the low-carbon future of UK heat generation, is an example of why this group was formed.”