Coast & Country Housing says it has welcomed its largest number of apprentices this year.

Apprenticeship places attracted nearly 300 applications with the not-for-profit organisation. The apprentices – aged between 15 and 24 – trained in various careers including heating engineering.

Sam Shelley from Skinningrove is the youngest recruit, training in heating engineering with Thomas Mitchell-Peel and Ross Wilson, both from Redcar.

Apprenticeships will last up to as much as three years, depending on the placement.

Coast & Country's chief executive, Iain Sim, said: "Apprenticeships are an excellent way of giving young people the chance to learn skills vital in the workplace, which have the potential to lead to a full-time career.

"It's important that agencies work together to put projects in place that help young people get their first foot on the career ladder and ensure that we have a new generation of skilled workers to meet future business needs."