Plumbers and installers of all ages are being encouraged by Inta to continue their education by utilising the company's range of free information tools.

Following research at the 2012 PHEX Chelsea exhibition, the anti-scald bathroom and heating product manufacturer has set up a variety of learning methods to help keep tradesmen up to date with all the latest technologies and legislations.

The survey of over 100 plumbers and installers showed that two thirds were unclear of what the building regulations entailed, while two out of five had no idea what the maximum temperature water delivered to a bath fitted with a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) should be.

To combat this, Inta has introduced an e-learning section to its website, detailing the benefits of using a TMV and where they are required. The programme is now being offered as a free education module to City & Guilds-accredited colleges and training providers, with another module on the Part G building regulations in the pipeline.

Inta has dedicated seven years to anti-scald campaigning, developing a host of anti-scald products and distributing more than half a million ‘Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Scald’ info-booklets to tradesmen in the UK.

With technology continually advancing, Inta is also producing a series of short ‘how-to’ videos to ensure installers are aware of how to fit new products, and also to talk through their advantages and how these advances can benefit their customers.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “No matter how experienced plumbers and installers may feel they are, it is important to stay up to date with the latest regulations so they don’t land themselves in hot water.

“The fact that our anti-scald booklet has been picked up by more than 500,000 people shows that those in the industry do care about the issue. With more and more tradesmen using the internet on a daily basis, giving them the option to do an educational quiz online is another example of our commitment to making information as widely accessible as possible.

“When we started our campaign against anti-scald, many installers had never had any training on its dangers which made us feel compelled to fill this knowledge gap. We also want to make sure that future plumbers and installers are familiar with TMVs and anti-scald technologies before they qualify. That way, it is already in their minds when they step into people’s homes.”

To take the Inta anti-scald e-learning test, visit To request a college pack or an ‘Everything You Need To Know’ booklet, call 01889 272180 or tweet @intatec.