APHC has issued a warning to installers regarding the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, as some have misinterpreted it to mean that plumbers will need a license to dispose of the scrap metal generated in the course of their work.

While this may not affect many plumbing and heating installers, some individuals and local authorities have misinterpreted the act to mean that plumbers (or electricians) would need a licence to dispose of the scrap metal generated in the course of their work.

Graeme Dryden, technical services manager of APHC said: “We wanted to draw installer’s attention to the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 to help avoid any confusion. The Home Office Guidance states that Tradespersons will not require a scrap metal dealers licence if buying or selling scrap metal as an incidental function of their business. However, if an installer was to start collecting scrap metal from other tradesmen and disposing of it he would require a licence and have to comply with the recording requirements in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act. I would urge any installer who buys and sells scrap as a major part of their business to read the guidance notes.”

Another important part of the guidance calls for anyone supplying scrap to a scrapyard to produce several pieces of personal identification documentation including a photo card driving licence or passport plus a recent utility bill, before being paid for their metal. This new requirement does not come into force until 1 December, but some yards are already implementing these checks.

For more details on the new 2013 Act and ID requirements at scrap yards please download a copy of the guidance document.