Following a scalding incident in Staffordshire, anti-scald bathroom manufacturer Inta is reminding installers to make the safe choice when selecting bathroom products.

The company was contacted by Sophie Stone, a mother seeking advice after her four-year-old daughter, Lyla (pictured), scalded herself when she climbed into the bath before she had finished filling it, resulting in second-degree burns to her feet and legs.

“I was completely mortified,” said Stone. “I usually run the hot and cold water at the same time but I must have been distracted. I left the bathroom briefly to get a towel and the next thing I knew my daughter was in the bath, screaming because of the pain.

“The experience made me think long and hard about bathroom safety and a friend told me about Inta’s anti-scald products and campaigns, so I got in touch to find out what I need to do to prevent a scalding accident happening again. I’m now in the process of upgrading the bathroom to make it completely scald-free.”

Cynthia Fisher, director at Inta, said: “It is always disappointing to hear of avoidable bathroom accidents, but fortunately Mrs. Stone has sought advice and is now taking the appropriate steps to prevent any repetition of the accident.

“We can’t emphasise enough how important the fitting of a TMV is, in new and old bathrooms alike. We’ve said it time and time again but hot water really does burn like fire. It’s possible to be scalded by taps and shower bodies too, so we would always advise installers to go for our Safe Touch products whenever they can.

“Unfortunately, we can only educate consumers up to a certain point and thereafter the onus is on installers. We would urge them to always advise anti-scald products and insist on a TMV - even in the instances when it isn’t a legal requirement to do so.”