Pipe Center is investing in its specialist pipe work Fabrication facility in order to offer customers an even better service.

Based at West Horndon, Fabrication provides off-site pipe work design and construction services for large commercial and industrial projects. 

Traditionally, Pipe Center has focused on steel pipe work for HVAC applications, but is now expanding to meet contractors’ wider needs, including copper pipe systems for use in large-scale cold water projects. It is investing in the latest state-of-the-art Victaulic equipment for high pipe-grooving capability, as well as a welding plant and additional trained manpower.

Gary Franklin, general manager of Fabrication, said: "The investments in new equipment and people significantly extend our capabilities, and enable us to take on a wider range of work. The aim is to build on our core strength in steel pipe work for commercial buildings, and grow in new areas that add value to customers – as well as our own business.”

The diversification includes the creation of complete pump packages, with all components assembled and skid-mounted for delivery to site.

Fabrication is working closely with Pipe Center’s Valvestock, Modular Engineering and Custom Build businesses to provide customers with complete solutions across the spectrum of building services and industrial applications.