The latest statistics on the Green Deal for the domestic sector and on measures installed under the Energy Company Obligation up to the end of June show slow but continued growth.

The monthly report from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) shows that 58,124 GD Assessments were lodged up to the end of July, up from 44,479 at end of June.

There were 419 Green Deal Plans in the system for individual properties as at the end of July, compared to 306 at the end of June. Of these, 286 were ‘new’ Green Deal Plans, 132 had moved to ‘pending’ and one was ‘live’.

Under the cashback scheme, 7,461 vouchers had been issued to end of July, of which 4,256 had been paid (following installation of measures) with a value of £1,162,386.The majority of vouchers paid to date were in June and virtually all (97%) have been for boiler replacements.

Provisional figures, subject to further checks by Ofgem, show there were 149,681 measures installed under ECO up to the end of June. The number of measures installed in June (33,934) was similar to the number installed in May. The majority of all measures installed under ECO were for loft insulation (45% of all ECO measures), cavity wall insulation (33%) and boiler upgrades (18%).

Seventy nine Green Deal Providers had been authorised, and 248 GD Assessor Organisations and the 2,129 GD Advisors they employ had been accredited up to the end of July.

Paul Ellis, chief executive of green lender, Ecology Building Society, said: “We’re disappointed but not surprised by these results. The urgent economic and environmental need to make our homes more efficient isn’t matched by demand from homeowners, and the incentives provided by the Green Deal just aren’t enough to create this market.

“We need to see a more competitive interest rate, a simpler process and wider policy initiatives to drive take-up, such as an energy efficiency Feed-in Tariff, Council Tax or Stamp Duty discounts.

More analysis on the GD and ECO measures and geographical coverage is provided in the quarterly statistical release.