The number of Green Deal plans signed has reached 36, but almost all cash-back incentives paid are for boiler replacements, according to the latest Green Deal statistics published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

The data shows that up to the end of June 2013, there have been 44,479 assessments of properties undertaken since the scheme launched in January, up from 30,962 at the end of May, with 36 finance plans now signed by households.

In all the figures shown there are now 306 Green Deal finance plans in the pipeline, up from 245 through to 16 June, but none are yet installed.

The figures also show there have been 3,449 cash-back vouchers valued at £933,866 paid through the £125m scheme to incentivise the Green Deal. However, of those cash-back vouchers, 99% were for boiler replacements, with five for solid-wall insulation, four for cavity-wall insulation, and nine for loft insulation.