JM Blake Marketing is partnering with a number of bathroom companies to conduct new research into the buying habits of bathroom-sector customers in the UK.

The company aims to identify the key factors that influence and also hinder sales of bathroom products in the UK. The research will be presented in two parts – the first will focus on how consumers approach the decision to refit their bathroom, while the second part will present a series of questions relating to six bathroom product categories: furniture, baths, shower enclosures, brassware, shower controls and accessories.

"We live in a consumer-led retail world," said Jane Blakeborough of JM Blake Marketing. "Investigations into consumer purchase behaviour have benefited many other business sectors, but within the bathroom industry, consumer insight and end-user intelligence is currently limited, mainly due to the complicated routes to market involved. The information gathered in this market research will enable our partner businesses to target their market much more effectively."