The Environment Committee of the European Parliament (EP) exploited a procedural loophole last week (19 June), denying the majority of MEPs the chance to influence their proposals to amend the F Gas Regulation, according to the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA).

F-Gases (fluorinated gases) are powerful greenhouse gases which have a significant global warming effect.

By voting to give its rapporteur a mandate to begin immediate negotiations with the European Council, the Committee has sidestepped the normal process of permitting all MEPs an open discussion on the amendments at an initial reading in plenary session of the EP.

FETA claims that this provides the rapporteur with “a range of unpalatable measures, such as banning HFC refrigerants in air conditioning from 2020”. It also refers to the decision as a “callous act of political expediency” and states: “It is the owners, operators and users of HFC-based RAC equipment across Europe who will once more pay the price of this political folly.”