Rob Nash could soon be the most recognised plumbing and heating engineer in the UK after being chosen for a new advertising campaign.

The boss of his own plumbing and heating business, Nash was picked from thousands of customers to be one of just four faces of a new ad campaign for the Volkswagen Transporter.

Nash and three other small businesses will star in the advert with the slogan “We never forget the most important name on our vans. Yours”, and will get the equivalent of £2.5 million-worth of free advertising as a result.

"When I first heard from the ad agency I took it with a pinch of salt,” admitted Nash. “Then they told me I would be famous for the whole of the summer. It only hit home when at the photo shoot. It took so long to do it, I realised it was serious. We work in a really competitive marketplace so I’m hoping that people will see the adverts and remember us when they need some help."