Investment figures for the UK were announced at this week's All Energy Conference (22 May), held in Aberdeen.

The figures produced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) show that between January 2010 and April 2013, industry has announced:

At the All Energy Conference, Right Hon Edward Davey MP said: “The UK offers a uniquely attractive, stable, transparent and supportive environment for investment in low-carbon generation. Between now and 2020, the support we give to low-carbon electricity will increase year-on-year to £7.6 billion – a tripling of the support for renewable energy.

“The investment environment for renewables is dynamic. New research by my department estimates that since 2010, across the UK, over £29 billion of private sector investment in renewables has been announced, supporting almost 30,000 jobs. Many of these jobs are highly skilled and well-paid positions, and employees can be proud to be a part of securing the UK’s energy supply.

“The commitment of the UK government to a vision of a low-carbon future is building up a wave of new jobs and investment in the economy.”