"We pledge to make the working lives of plumbers easier and we're starting with a universal give-away," said Alan Sherwin, Altecnic's managing director.

This is part of Altecnic’s commitment to help plumbers install fit-for-purpose-accredited products that best meet the needs of their customers. Sherwin continued: “We’ll be giving the calculators away in magazines, at events and over the counter at plumbers’ merchants to make sure we reach as many installers as possible. Plus, the calculators will be available for free from our sales staff and on our dedicated vessels website so everyone has the chance to get their hands on one.”

The pocket-sized calculator determines the correct vessel size for any job in three simple steps. By inputting the boiler KW or btu/hr output and selecting the radiator and boiler type, the calculator generates the system volume. Plumbers can then round up the system volume in litres to the next available figure and read it against the system’s static height, and the expansion vessel size is calculated.

Sherwin explained: “Every plumber knows that calculating the correct-size expansion vessel can be a bit of a headache and these calculators are a great way for plumbers to quickly and easily specify the right vessel for the job. As market leaders we’re committed to making sure that accredited products are as easy to specify as possible and this is just one of the ways Altecnic is supporting plumbers during their everyday working life.”

Altecnic has recently signed an exclusive deal with Europe’s market leading vessel manufacturer, German-based Reflex Winkelmann GmbH, to distribute its comprehensive range of nitrogen-filled expansion vessels in the UK.