The government has said it will provide £380,000 of funding to improve the energy efficiency of newbuild homes.

The study, to be carried out by the government, and manufacturing and construction industries, will look at where some newbuild homes are failing to meet expectations, from building materials to construction practices.

Building Regulations Minister Don Foster announced the scheme at Ecobuild last week, saying he wanted to make homes in the UK the “most energy efficient possible”.

“From today," he continued, "government and industry will be working hand in hand to ensure newbuild homes live up to expectations and drive energy bills down for householders.

“The alternative would be further regulation of industry but I do not want to add red tape and financial burdens that would just be passed on to already-struggling homebuyers. Instead I want to work with industry to improve standards and performance in practice.”

The government will provide £380,000 in funding for the scheme, with a further £1 million of cash and in-kind support coming from industry.