Polypipe Ventilation, manufacturer of domestic and light commercial ventilation systems, has teamed up with online training provider Cortexa to offer a new and informative training module for ventilation distribution partners.

The module has been designed to help distribution partners understand why effective methods of ventilation are required within dwellings, to assist with the specification and management of customer enquires, as well as to enhance their knowledge of the Polypipe Ventilation product range.

More stringent building regulations and the drive towards higher levels of the code for sustainable homes have both led to greater air-tightness and more insulation in building construction, which means that effective ventilation is now more important than ever. The new training module introduces customers to the topic of ventilation and examines Polypipe’s ventilation solutions, including Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), intermittent extract fans and rigid duct systems.

The MVHR section of the Polypipe ventilation training module explains how heat recovery systems work and which properties they are suited to, using easy-to-understand graphics and text. It introduces customers to Polypipe Ventilation’s new Silavent Green Line HRX range of MVHR appliances, which enable up to 88% of a home’s waste heat to be recovered. Manufactured in the UK, the new HRX appliances have been designed for simple installation and effective operation, to comply with 2010 Building Regulations, and are SAP appendix Q listed.

Polypipe’s Silavent Green Line energy-efficient intermittent extract fan range is also covered in the training. Issues such as extract rates required by building regulations and where fans should be sited are addressed, along with an overview of the three main types of fans: axial, centrifugal and in-line. Polypipe’s Silavent Green Line fans are designed to consume less power to comply with Parts F and L of 2010 Building Regulations and help reduce the carbon emissions of new and old properties.

Lastly, the new online training module looks into rigid duct systems and the need for a quality surface finish and air tightness for efficient airflow. Customers are introduced to Polypipe’s Domus rigid duct systems, which are available in eight different profiles to suit any application and come with a full set of fittings and accessories such as Domus FireBrake fire-stopping connectors and Domus Thermal duct insulation systems.

At the end of the course there is an assessment containing eight multiple choice questions to check that the information has been correctly understood, with a pass mark of 75% required. There is no time limit on the assessment and visitors to the module can have multiple attempts until they pass.

This latest online training from Polypipe Ventilation follows in the wake of a number of new customer support initiatives, including a new System and Product Selector designed as a comprehensive guide to assist in the specification of ventilation systems and a Part F & L brochure which features specially selected products engineered to comply with Building Regulations and reduce energy consumption.

For further information, please go to www.polypipe.com/ventilation or call 08443 715523.