A group of leading companies from across the domestic biomass supply chain have joined forces to set the foundations for a collaboration with government on the decarbonisation of domestic heating in the UK by 2030.

To achieve legally binding CO2 reduction and decarbonisation targets, the 4th Carbon Budget recommends the deployment of 1 million domestic biomass boilers by 2030.

Solid support under the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is now necessary to kick start the domestic biomass boiler market and enable that potential to be realised.

This is vital if the decarbonisation agenda is to reach the full range of housing types and heat needs found in the UK.

Biomass boilers are particularly suited to large properties, which form a substantial proportion of the housing stock in rural off-grid areas (currently using carbon intensive heating oil, LPG, coal and electricity).

This group of stakeholders, with representatives from across the biomass supply chain, is committed to working positively with the government in developing the RHI framework of support that will enable this important renewable heating solution.

Key areas for collaboration identified by the group include:

To view the group's charter in full, visit www.ecuity.com