A settlement has been reached between Titon Hardware and Nuaire in a High Court claim over Intellectual Property rights.

In November 2011, Titon issued a claim against Nuaire in protection of its Patents and other Intellectual Property Rights. A settlement has now been reached with Nuaire in respect of the alleged infringements. Nuaire has paid Titon a cash sum, and will be ceasing to sell two of its products from 31 March, 2013.

Titon said its ongoing commitment to in-house research and development means it has an extensive knowledge of the ventilation products it manufactures and ensures performance levels are consistently achieved through strict quality control.

Nuaire responded to the settlement announcement, saying: "Nuaire is pleased to confirm that we have reached an agreement with Titon Hardware Ltd in relation to the disposal of claims made against it for patent and design right infringement.

"The products in question were among Nuaire's first mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) models. Since then we have vastly expanded and modified our MVHR range to obtain improved efficiency, better specific fan powers, integrated sensors and maintenance features. Our latest product lines will be on show at Ecobuild, including a new acoustic enclosure for MVHRs."