A new gas-fired commercial condensing boiler has been launched by Buderus, part of the commercial and industrial division of Bosch Thermotechnology.

The new SB745 is a floorstanding condensing boiler that offers simple installation and a range of cost-effective features. The boiler requires 30% less floor space than its predecessor the SB735, and is 20% lighter. This, the company says, makes it suitable for use in multiple dwellings and industrial applications.

The performance levels of the SB745 meet all standards of the manufacturer’s previous models. The new boiler is available in outputs of 800kW, 1,000kW and 1,200kW, meaning it a strong choice for interruptible supply contracts.

Factory-fitted frame rails come as standard, allowing a jack or forklift to quickly place the boiler into position, reducing time and money spent during installation on site. The boiler is also fully compatible with the Buderus modular controls system, allowing simple connection into an existing building management system interface.

The boiler also incorporates an intelligent water routing system which uses separate return connections, providing the ideal conditions for optimal condensation. This feature, when combined with a burnout combustion chamber, helps to achieve seasonal efficiency levels of up to 110%. A further design benefit is the absence of minimum requirements for flow rate, operating temperature or burner output. This allows installers to connect to the heating circuit flow without the need for additional devices such as a primary pump.

The unit is fitted with a flue gas silencer to minimise noise emissions and a thermal insulation casing. Reversible hinge doors allow the engineer easy access to all major components.

Geoff Hobbs, business development director at Bosch Thermotechnology, said: "The SB745's compact design ensures easy installation and the advanced technology used means the boiler can maintain high performance levels, regardless of demand."

For more information please visit www.buderus.co.uk.