Print out and keep this step-by-step guide to installing Viessmann's Vitosol 200-T solar tubes

Print out and keep this step-by-step guide to installing Viessmann’s Vitosol 200-T solar tubes.

Working in a flat plane and rotating 25 degrees left to right, Viessmann’s Vitosol 200-T solar tubes mean end users can enjoy solar thermal energy potential regardless of orientation. Vitosol 200-T heat pipe tubes can work at any angle from horizontal through to vertical and can be individually angled an extra 25 degrees thanks to Viessmann’s vacuum tube technology.

In this case, it allowed Cotswold Efficient Energy Centre to rotate the pipes southwards to deliver 90% of their full potential, while standard solar collectors would have operated at a loss of up to 20 to 30% on the east-facing roof. As the customer requested the solar thermal technology heating her swimming pool did not pierce her flat steel roof in any way, Cotswold Efficient Energy Centre installed a timber mounting frame to the roof, onto which the Vitosol 200-T solar tubes were directly fixed.

Installation tip: If it’s a hot day, cover the panels before you begin, to prevent the fluid flashing to steam.