Mira Showers - a leading UK manufacturer of showering products and accessories - has launched a new digital shower that offers users both a deluge head and a handset that can be used either together or independently.

The Platinum Dual has a number of programmable features such as maximum temperature, flow rate, and a warm up mode and eco mode, while a clock display and shower timer setting means that the user can keep an eye on the time and their water usage.

Installation has been designed to be swift and simple as both ceiling- and rear-fed fittings are available. There is a choice of valves for every situation - a high-pressure valve for mains-pressurised systems or combination boilers, or a pumped valve for low-pressure or gravity-fed systems.

The wireless controllers operate by radio frequency and can be sited up to 10 metres away from the valve, so they can be located to suit the user in, say, the loft or under a bath. Customers can also have more than one controller, so they can turn on their Dual shower from the bedroom or without stepping into the shower cubicle.

Further luxury is also possible for consumers who combine their shower and bath tub with the bath fill function, which eliminates the need for taps, creating a clean and minimalist look.

With the introduction of the Platinum Dual, Mira says it has extended the choices available to consumers while ensuring that the sophistication of the product does not hamper the simplicity of installation.