Advice and guidance for builders adapting to the new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation on Fee For Intervention is now available at NHBC.

Until last month the cost of enforcing health and safety legislation across all UK construction sites and higher risk workplaces was funded by the Treasury, but FFI has been introduced to help recoup the costs incurred of enforcing health and safety.

This is achieved by invoicing businesses that are breaking Health & Safety law for any costs incurred by the HSE in undertaking enforcement action.

From the 1 October, businesses found in ”material breach” of most health and safety legislation will be invoiced the cost of all site visits (including the original visit when the breach is identified), follow up action and admin required by the HSE to ensure the material breach is resolved satisfactorily.

Discussing the potential effect on the building industry, Chris Epps, NHBC’s Health & Safety principal consultant, said: “FFI applies to employers and the self employed who put their employees and others at risk in a workplace where health and safety is enforced by the HSE, including all construction sites.

“According to the HSE, the majority of visits to sites are now as a direct result of complaints, accidents or where the inspector is already aware of a material breach. The argument is that builders who are managing health and safety well have nothing to fear: it is those businesses that are breaking Health & Safety law who will have to take responsibility for funding the HSE’s enforcement activity.

“However NHBC is on hand to provide the appropriate H&S advice and guidance to builders who have any queries regarding the new legislation.”