Heating controls manufacturer Danfoss has launched the TP7001 - the first in a new family style of seven-day programmable room thermostats for domestic heating systems.

The units feature a large, backlit digital display and are easy to install. The company has based the TP7001's programming on its existing protocols, to ensure that installers find the setup procedure familiar.

During installation, the TP7001 can be set to indicate when the boiler needs to be serviced, creating an opportunity for regular service business for the installer, and acting as a useful reminder for homeowners and landlords.

Available in hard-wired mains or battery-powered versions, and with or without a remote sensor, the TP7001 offers seven-day programming, and up to six time and temperature changes per day to optimise efficiency. There is also an optimum start feature, which allows the thermostat to calculate the latest possible time at which the heating can be turned up to achieve the programmed temperature at the programmed time.

Danfoss says that the thermostat's chrono-proportional control can result in a potential 10% reduction in energy consumption compared with standard on/off electronic thermostats.

As standard, the TP7001 is fitted with an automatic clock pre-set to adjust automatically to summer/winter seasonal time changes. Additionally, a holiday mode provides a chosen constant temperature operation before returning the unit to programmed thermostat mode.

Danfoss manufactures heating controls, from programmers and thermostats to TRVs and motorised control valves, with factories in the UK and Denmark. The company also offers a programme of installer training courses and CPD seminars.

For more information visit www.danfoss-randall.co.uk.