A charity dedicated to raising awareness of the killer gas carbon monoxide (CO) is at risk of closing down due to lack of funding.

CO-Awareness was set up by Lynn Griffiths to support the victims of CO poisoning and other products of combustion (POC), their families and friends.

Lynn suffered, along with her late husband and four children, the devastating effects of undiagnosed CO poisoning in her home over many years.

A partially blocked flu remained undetected despite the fact that Lynn had her gas appliances serviced regularly, exacerbating existing conditions and causing various illnesses in every member of her family.

The charity now campaigns to raise awareness of the silent killer and being run entirely by volunteers and all funding received has been used to spread the message.

The charity established Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week in 2005. This year’s campaign starts on the 19 November, with events being held throughout the UK to highlight the importance of making sure that all gas, oil, coal and wood burning appliances are serviced annually, the chimney is swept and that CO alarms are fitted, sited correctly and checked regularly.

In the past seven years, the charity has also lobbied government, launched campaigns and CO awareness groups and worked with various organisations on educational initiatives, developing a triage poster for hospital A & E departments with the HPA and other partners.

“This is important work and I believe we have succeeded in getting our message across and in saving many people from suffering and the possibility of premature death. I’m devastated by the thought of giving it up, but unless we secure funding from somewhere, we will cease all activities after Christmas this year,” said Lynn.

“I’ve dedicated the last seven years of my life to helping people avoid this unnecessary suffering. It’s a cause I’m passionate about, but unless a fairy godmother should emerge out of the blue, I cannot see us continuing.”

Any organisation, national/local press or individual willing to help save the charity should contact Lynn Griffith direct by email Lynn@covictim.org