A new cross-industry body dedicated to tackling the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK was launched this week in Parliament.

The launch also saw the airing of a new film to raise awareness of this silent killer and prompt people to install an audible CO alarm.

The Forum will act as a ‘sister group’ to the newly-retitled All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG). Previously named the All-Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group, it has altered its name to reflect its new remit to tackle carbon monoxide poisoning from all sources, such as solid fuel fires, oil and BBQs, and not just gas appliances.

Former energy minister and chair of the forum David Kidney said: “The Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Action Forum has a huge role to play in bringing together all the key organisations committed to tackling the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK. By working closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, we can not only help raise public awareness of the danger of CO, but crucially help to inform and improve policymaking across the sector. If we are going to eradicate CO deaths in the UK, then we need not only greater dialogue between policymakers, industry, the key charities and the media, but we need to coordinate our efforts. The All Fuels Action Forum is the body that can bring about precisely that collaboration.”

He emphasised that the forum intended to live up to it’s name and take action to promote and improve awareness. The forum will also engage with the industry, in the hope that it may be able to remove some of the risks and influence conversations with consumers.

His ambition for the forum and its work with APPCOG is that many voices with the same message will be more effective.

“I believe that working together we can make a difference - reduce the number of deaths, reduce the number of serious injuries, reduce the number of incidents that are currently unrecognised or unrecorded.”