Martin Smith from Plumber24hours asks why we waste so much water.

Most of us waste water, because there’s no structure to us in the way we use water.

Why should we have water meters when water should be free? Just imagine there are no water meters. More people would be using more water due to there being no money issues in using unlimited amount of water coming through our water supplies.

The real answer to us having a water meter is so that people are only paying for the exact amount of water that they use rather than a monthly standard rate.

No baths, no water to drink, and worst of all is being unable to flush your toilet. Rich people can’t wash their cars and water their gardens.

Seriously how much more can we take?


On a serious note, as a nation with unpredicted weather, it is very wise to support the nation by having a water meter fitted.

Water wastage is the main reason we have water meters.

So what do we have planned for the future when it comes to saving water wastage?

Between 1990 and 2010 we have just about been able to keep within targets, but with the current climate change, what if we were not to have rain? We need to act as quickly as possible to ensure that our water wastage targets are met.

What are our water wastage targets?

Our water targets are to have at least 50% of houses having a water meter by 2015. By 2020 we aim to have at least 80% of homes with a water meter to encourage people to stop wasting their water.

Water meters have been around for a while but became more effective in the 1990's where it became part of a legislation.

Today if you live in a house which is within 20 years old you will find a water meter.

If you live in a house with no water meter fitted then it’s a good idea to request having a water meter fitted as it can save you money. After all, having a water meter is free as long as you live in England or Wales.

It is always a good idea to check what difference it is in the amount of money you can save by using the water calculator to find out what difference you can make.


Martin Smith is a plumber specialising in 24 hour emergency plumbing and heating work, and proprietor of