With the clocks set to 'fall back' on 28 October, it not only means we lose an hour's sleep, it also usually means increased call outs for installers.

Confused householders who don’t know how to adjust their timers and programmers will often call installers to come and set the clock straight. These costly, time-consuming callbacks can be avoided however, says Drayton.

The real-time clocks in Drayton’s LP programmers and Digistat+RF programmable room thermostats automatically change when the clocks go forward or back, so there is no need for manual summer/winter time adjustment. This makes life easier for homeowners and is a good upsell angle for installers.

The automatic time change comes as standard on all LP electronic programmers, which feature on/once/timed/off switching options and up to three timing periods per day, from common 24 hour timings to separate 5 day/ 2 day programmes.

With the range wireless Digistat+RF programmable room thermostats, which also features real-time clocks, users have a choice of up to six time/temperature events per day, and the thermostats are exceptionally easy to install, use and programme.

Simon May, product manager for Drayton Controls, said: “Autumn is the time when many homeowners start to use their heating again, so the added confusion of the time being wrong, and not being able change it, automatically means increased calls to installers.

“By fitting controls with a real-time clock, installers can save themselves time, money and hassle.”

For further information on the full range of heating controls available from Drayton, please visit www.draytoncontrols.co.uk.