Zehnder has launched a range of stainless steel products which the company says are affordable and stylish.

Zehnder has launched a range of stainless steel products.

Bay, Keel and Cove are contemporary designs which the company says are affordable, stylish and durable.

With the benefits of stainless steel and a 10-year warranty, they are suitable for a variety of applications.

Bay is available in horizontal and vertical models, constructed from slim stainless steel panels.

The vertical model saves valuable wall space.

Keel Symmetrical, Keel Asymmetrical and the ladder-style Cove are towel radiators suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, finished in brushed stainless steel.

These models are enhanced by narrow, decorative strips of polished stainless steel set between adjacent tubing to complement both chrome and polished steel accessories.

Zehnder’s stainless steel products are suitable for installation on both central heating and domestic hot water systems.