Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors has created a short survey covering a number of points put forward in the findings of the Gas Safe Register (GSR) report.

In May, GSR published a number of findings from its consultative work carried out during 2011. APHC considers the report to be a fair and balanced view, but the report does not make any recommendations on actions to be taken.

E&U Skills are currently leading a project to coordinate all competency recommendations based on the GSR report. It is the APHC opinion that employer views have been under represented in previous gas competency review exercises. APHC therefore want to encourage employers to get involved through the completion of their short survey.

Graeme Dryden, APHC technical services manager said: “The subject of Gas Competency seems to be somewhat overshadowed by the Green Deal right now but we believe this review is important and it deserves greater exposure. It is essential that all businesses / employers take part in this exercise in some way to make sure that their views are not overlooked.

"To help this process we have created a short survey based on the most important findings from the Competency Review, that should take no more than five minutes to complete. I urge all business / employers to take part in the survey and make their views count.”

All Feedback from the survey will be documented and passed to E&U Skills for inclusion in their recommendations for change.

Take part in the survey here.