Essex-based Ultima Solar has been given sole distribution rights in the UK for the Thermodynamic Panel.

The company, which specialises in the manufacture and distribution of renewable energy products, is introducing the Thermodynamic Panel and hot water cylinder system as the first of a number of new products to the UK market.

Unlike solar thermal heating, Thermodynamic panels work day and night, and in all types of weather, absorbing both solar and environmental energy all year long, even during cold periods. The system comprises two main components – an aluminium black-coated panel fitted externally on either the roof or wall, and a cylinder and compressor unit housed in a fully-insulated casing along with the electronics.

The system, which is manufactured in Spain, works in a similar way to a heat pump, using sealed refrigerant to transfer heat to the domestic hot water. Its main source of energy is extracted from the outside air, heating the refrigerant and turning it into a gas, which is compressed to produce the heat that is transferred to the water held in the hot water cylinder.

The panel is capable of collecting energy from both sides of the panel in a repetitive cycle, providing hot water at 55oC. The panel doesn’t have to be south facing, and will still produce hot water whether it faces south, east, west or north.

Alistair Smit, director for Ultima Solar, said: “We are all very excited about this new product and have high expectations for it in the UK. It ticks all the boxes for a green, environmentally friendly product that will also give the end-user huge savings in their fuel bills. Running costs are impressive, with a week’s hot water for a household costing less than the price of a pint of beer! Furthermore, it can be installed in just one day, giving minimal disturbance to the customer.”