Shower manufacturer Triton has launched a campaign to help raise the profile of thermostatic showering after a survey showed most homeowners are unaware of the safety benefits.

The survey, commissioned by Triton, showed that over 67% of UK adults with children living at home are unaware of the benefits of thermostatic showers for family use.

Triton’s survey also found that over half of UK adults are open to the idea of changing their shower unit to reduce water usage, emphasising the opportunity for installers to educate their customers on the range of eco solutions available.

The 'Switch on to Showering’ campaign aims to increase awareness of the range of showering solutions available on today’s market, so that homeowners can find a shower to suit their needs, regardless of their home and lifestyle preferences.

Thermostatically-controlled showers offer an ‘extra-safe’ option for families, especially those with young or elderly family members. As part of Triton’s campaign, installers are being asked to remind their customers of the benefits of a thermostatic shower for the family home.

To help homeowners find the perfect showering solution to match their home and lifestyle, Triton has published an exclusive ‘Shower Selector Guide’, which offers a complete overview of the different options available. It is available as a free download on Triton’s website.

Tina Simpson, marketing director at Triton, said: “We commissioned a survey with a view to taking an in-depth look at the showering preferences of UK households. The survey produced some interesting results, and we are keen to share these with installers to ensure they are always well-equipped to recommend the most suitable product for their customers.

“Our ‘Switch on to Showering’ campaign is the perfect opportunity for us to reinforce the message that installers have a huge role to play in ensuring their customers are fully aware of the range of options available to them. The benefits of thermostatic showering in particular are lesser known amongst parents, which gives the industry an opportunity to educate customers with their best interests at heart.”