Green Energy (EU) has launched an alternative to the government's Green Deal which allows households to pay for their initial solar investment in a short period of time.

The 'Green Energy Deal', which is independent from government subsidies, is available for households combining solar photovoltaic (PV) energy generation with the company's infrared heating.

An initial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has to be carried out by Green Energy, followed by a review of options which, the company says, could involve installing PV panels on the roof and Redwell infrared heaters in the home.

Once the initial outlay has been covered, any excess energy generated by the solar panels can be sold back to the grid for a profit. Green Energy (EU) can also offer consumers finance deals to pay for the cost of the installation

To enable householders to find out if they can take part in the Green Energy Deal, the company has an online calculator into which potential customers can input details about their home and their energy use, and receive an instant free quotation.

This can be found online at This specially-built website also details the Green Energy Deal and the finance options available.

Radiant infrared heating was recently included by the government in the terms of its Green Deal, which will be launched in October, and Green Energy EU is the only provider of Redwell infrared technology in the UK.

Mike Howard from Green Energy (EU) said: “Our Green Energy Deal more than pays for the cost of any finance that householders may have to make upfront, and we can guarantee they start to make revenue within 12 years of the initial investment. For some, it can be as soon as within five years. The savings householders make from our deal are independent from the unreliable, constantly-changing government subsidies that so many others have to rely-on.

"We always feared the government’s Green Deal offering would follow the route of uncertainty and indecision and this is now proving to be the case. As we have the products and the capability to provide energy-saving systems to consumers, we have decided to launch our own Green Deal.”

Redwell Infrared Heating is 100% energy efficient and up to 50% more efficient than oil or gas, according to the company. Infra red technology uses less wattage than traditional systems and so can achieve the same level of heating at a much lower cost. Unlike conventional systems, Redwell heating units heat the walls, ceiling and furnishing. Walls retain heat for longer than air and return warmth to the room.

Infra red heating panels have no moving parts and are therefore almost maintenance free, as well as benefitting from an expected life span. They can be fitted retrospectively to any building.

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