A plumber accused of causing the death of a woman through accidental carbon monoxide poisoning was found not guilty at the Old Bailey last week.

Paul Williamson, 54, was cleared of manslaughter after he neglected to notice a poorly installed gas boiler in Elouise Littlewood’s flat.

The dance teacher, 26, was found dead in her bathroom at the new build development in Bedfont, in 2008.

Her friend and lodger, Simon Kilby, 32, survived but remains in a permanent, non-responsive state as a result of the prolonged deprivation of oxygen to his brain.

Williamson, from Sutton, was responsible for checking the boilers, which were installed by Malden Plumbing, and Heating.

He was also found not guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Kilby and failing to properly check the boiler flue under health and safety law.