Cistermiser has launched what it calls a "solution to washroom water wastage".

It should be located at the entrance to the washroom, and the valves should be placed at the entry point of the water supply to the washroom, or as close as possible to the entry point to suit the pipe layout, says the company.

When activated, an LED will flash green once every three seconds and continues to do so for the full duration, indicating that the valves are open.

The sensor will continue to search for occupancy while the valves are open. If a user is detected, the timers are reset to zero.

If a washroom outlet is defective, as the Sensazone controls the flow of water into the washroom area at the entry point, the water is prevented from passing uncontrolled through the damaged outlet, eliminating the risk of water wastage or flooding during vacant periods.

The company develops, designs and distributes a whole host of washroom control products including water-saving and efficient hydraulic and infrared urinal flush-control valves and hands-free hygienic WC flush valves for industry, the public sector and the commercial and domestic environment.