Energy & Climate Change Minister Greg Barker praised Plumb Center's intention to become one of the UK's Green Deal providers at the company's Green Deal Open Day yesterday.

Energy & Climate Change Minister Greg Barker praised Plumb Center’s intention to become one of the UK’s Green Deal providers at their Green Deal Open Day yesterday.

The open day was the first in a series of installer briefing events, which will conclude in September.

Held at Wolseley’s Sustainable Building Center in Leamington Spa, the event attracted 150 installers and industry professionals from across the country, and provided information on how to become Green Deal accredited under Plumb Center’s scheme.

“Events such as these help make the Green Deal simple and accessible, which is vital because its success will benefit businesses and communities alike,” said Barker.

“The Green Deal will transform millions of homes and business with the installation of energy saving measures across the nation. I’m really delighted Plumb Center is taking you through how to gear-up for the scheme.“

Tim Pollard, head of sustainability for Wolseley UK, talked installers through the Green Deal process and the role to be played by accredited Green Deal advisors and installers.

“It’s incredibly important to understand that you can only be involved in the Green Deal if you are fully accredited and carry the Green Deal quality mark,” he said. "The good news is that the Green Deal recognises existing accreditations.”

MCS and Gas Safe registered installers won’t need to duplicate certification though they may need to attend further training.

“We believe heating installers will be at the core of the green Deal,” said Pollard, who thinks boiler replacements will be the key trigger point for Green Deal conversations.

“That’s when people are receptive to hearing a message,” he explained.

Installers who take part in Plumb Center’s scheme will also have access to a software programme, running on an iPad, to help them throughout the process.

“What we’re going to have to be able to do as an industry together is to make sure that people feel safe and confident in the decisions they are making, that they’re dealing with professionals who are going to deliver a job that will do what it says on the tin,” said Pollard.

“Our commitment today is that Plumb Center will make Green Deal opportunities available to our customers and we will do whatever it takes for that to happen.”