The Edge, a sustainable housing development next to Lincoln’s show ground, boasts a daily household energy bill of less than £1 including heating, space heating and lighting, at today’s energy prices thanks to immerSUN.

Constructed by Gusto Homes, The Edge initially consists of 18 three and four bed ‘solar homes’ across three terraces set within 10 acres of landscaped countryside. Gusto Homes has chosen to install an immerSUN device into each of its 18 properties in order to maximise the financial benefits of generating and using renewable energy onsite.

Also manufactured in Lincolnshire, the immerSUN is a switching device for renewable systems that promotes ‘self consumption’ energy habits. It will allow residents of The Edge properties to store and then ‘self consume’ up to 100% of the energy generated by the renewable systems installed at their property by diverting excess power generated by their solar PV system into a hot water cylinder for use at a later time.

Steff Wright, chief executive of Gusto Homes, said: “Throughout the design and construction process, we’ve constantly looked for the best ways to save and optimise energy in The Edge properties. The immerSUN device fits perfectly with our philosophy of environmental sustainability.”

The properties on The Edge development have a high thermal mass structure that is super-insulated, triple-glazed and virtually airtight. To complement the use of the immerSUN, energy consumption is kept to a minimum by a heat recovery ventilation system and the installation of low energy appliances and lighting. The limited amount of energy required to heat each property is produced by economical infrared heating panels.