The importance of choosing the right fuel is being highlighted by Woodsure and HETAS as part of a new joint venture.

Woodsure, the UK's only woodfuel quality assurance scheme, is set to work more closely with HETAS, the official body for approving heating appliances, fuels and services. 

Both companies will work to handle the administration of the growing woodfuel assurance scheme and to educate consumers about the importance of using the right fuel.

Woodsure certifies producers of woodfuel to ensure they can produce and deliver fuel at the correct standard. 

Recommending the use of good quality fuel contributes towards the smooth running, efficiency and reliability of a biomass appliance. Sub-standard fuel will not only be less efficient for the customer, it might compromise the installation.

Bruce Allen, chief executive officer at HETAS, comments: “Woodsure has members across the UK and has reviewed the way it wants to administer the growing scheme. With HETAS operating the certification end of the scheme for the past few years it seems natural that the increased administration required for the scheme could fall within the HETAS day-to-day activities. 

“The Directors of Woodsure continue to operate the scheme with increased support from HETAS who fully support the long standing relationship between the two organisations.”

The transition period to move Woodsure’s operations to HETAS’ Offices in Tewkesbury began earlier this month. 

For more information on HETAS, please visit: telephone 01684 278170.  For more information on Woodsure, please visit telephone 01684 278188.