To offer homeowners even more visibility over their energy use and make more sustainable choices, Wiser has partnered with smart home energy specialist Green Energy Options (geo). With this new partnership, homeowners are able to integrate data from their smart meter with the Wiser Home app to help save energy, money and the planet. This interconnectivity will unlock the new Insights+ feature, where homeowners can access their energy use in real-time, from anywhere, to make informed decisions. 

As well as showing their current usage for electricity and gas, Insights+ provides tariff and spending data in monetary values, which reflects their energy bills. In addition to this, Insights+ also offers help on energy budgeting with push notifications, a behavioural analysis with trend data, calculates the carbon footprint of the home, and makes predictions about future heat use and spend. 

Additionally, to enhance the user experience, the new Moments function allows homeowners to activate multiple devices with a single tap by grouping them together. Activated via the automation page, users can easily create the desired environment, incorporating heating and other electrical devices connected to a Wiser Plug. For example, when ‘party moment’ is activated, the stereo turns on and lamps are dimmed, or in ‘babies bedtime moment’, the heating is set to 20ºC and the nightlight turns on. 

Remi Volpe, Managing Director at Drayton, said: “Here at Drayton, we are continually developing our range of products that installers can recommend to customers to make their homes smarter, more sustainable and more connected. This heating season, we’re excited to be introducing Insights+ and Moments to Wiser. While Wiser is already an intuitive smart heating control, these new features will allow installers to offer their customers extra convenience and better insights into their heating than ever before. 

“As the first smart heating app that can be synced to a smart meter, Insights+ is an incredibly important new addition and one that supports our commitment to making it easier for homeowners to take care of their home and the planet. With Insights+, we’re proud to be helping homeowners get more control of their heating and provide them with the tools they need to make conscious decisions about how they heat their home and reduce energy wastage.”