HiKOKI Power Tools has teamed up with HVP to offer one reader the chance to win a powerful DV36DAX Combi Drill and Multi Volt battery.

It is exciting times for the company formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools. The company was sold in early 2017 to Asia’s largest private equity fund and, from this month, it will be known as HiKOKI Power Tools.

As a sign of things to come, the company has launched its Multi Volt battery platform. Connectivity and flexibility, combined with highly efficient brushless motors, means that installers are getting even more power and durability from their tools than before.

With 36v, the BSL36A18 Multi Volt battery packs have a capacity of 2.5ah, and 5.0ah with 18v. HiKOKI also offers a BSL36B18 with a capacity of 4.0ah and 8.0ah with 18v. That means that the 36v battery packs have a capacity of more than 1,000w.

Impressively, the 36v battery packs have more power than the similar sized 18v battery packs, but as the battery packs’ dimensions and weight remain almost the same, the Multi Volt battery packs can be used with a wide range of 18v class devices.

The battery pack technology is helping to set new standards in cordless freedom, and intelligent connecting technology makes it possible for the battery pack to detect whether it is being used in an 18v or a 36v device, and automatically adjusts the voltage.

The DV36DAX 36v combi drill also has a high overload capacity, with a maximum hard torque of 138Nm. It has a ‘Reactive Force Control’ safety feature, and compact body at only 204mm long, so it can fit into tight spaces. It comes with a high performance Röhm chuck with spindle lock, 22-stage torque setting, robust aluminium gear case, a four-stage battery level indicator, and a built-in LED work light.


Head to hikoki.hvpmag.co.uk to enter the competition and view the terms and conditions.