Williams & Co has launched a new service aimed at helping the victims of tool theft get back on their feet.

When a customer is affected by tool theft they can call the company’s National Customer Service Team citing the crime number and a drop off location, and the team will get a Tool Angel kit, worth over £2,300, to them within its normal delivery times.

The recipient is given full use of the armoured, secure tool box, a range of quality tools, and analyser for free for two weeks. At the end of that period, Williams & Co will collect the tools free of charge. The recipient can choose to purchase a new kit of their own at the end of the loan period with a 15% discount. A year’s interest free credit is also available, helping spread the cost of replacing expensive tool sets.

“With the support of partners including Makita, Kane, and Armorgard, we have established ‘Tool Angel’ – a service which provides an immediate secure set of loan power tools and a top of the range flue gas analyser to keep their business viable in the first weeks after the crime occurs,” said Ray Stafford, Managing Director at Williams & Co.