Wearing wearing hot, protective clothing are vulnerable to dehydration - even as the weather cools.

Guidance has just been published on keeping well hydrated. As part of a series of hydration fact sheets called Why Water Matters... The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) has just published ‘Why Water Matters for Construction Workers', reminding businesses that, by law, they must provide healthy hydration in the workplace.

Dehydration can affect concentration and impair performance. On a busy sites, this may lead to mistakes and accidents that should be avoidable.

The document reminds us of the benefits offered by water coolers. The BWCA is the leading Association representing those who supply and distribute water coolers and related products and services. They set standards of hygiene and safety for their Members through mandatory audits.

The new fact sheet describes the best means of providing on-site hydration and gives useful advice on using and choosing a water cooler.

Supplying essential refreshments to workers on-site can often best be done by using water coolers. On sites not yet connected to the mains bottled water coolers can be the only means of supplying potable water in an economical and convenient way.

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, BWCA General Manager, said: "Coolers and bottles must be kept clean and bottles of water stored correctly. Make sure you deal with a British Water Cooler Association accredited member, who must adhere to the stringent BWCA hygiene guidelines for the peace of mind that brings".

The Fact Sheet explains the importance of dealing with a BWCA Member and how to select one via bwca.org.uk/find-a-member

She added: "Staff are a key resource so it's important to keep them hydrated, alert, efficient and happy. With this in place, business is likely to thrive and something as simple as a water cooler can make a big contribution to the health and well-being of staff".