Jay Fairburn, also known as Mr London Plumber, explains why he chose Hep2O from Wavin for one of his latest installations.

In the last decade, plastic plumbing systems have become increasingly common across the industry, due to numerous time-saving and performance benefits. When industry advocate Jay Fairbairn (widely known as Mr London Plumber) was tasked with installing a new refrigerator to a cold-water main, he needed a system that offered speed of installation and access to hard to reach areas. So he turned to push-fit plumbing system, Hep2O.  

The water main was fitted in a confined area that was difficult to reach, so Jay needed a product that was lightweight and easy to use. He explained: “I needed a system that I knew was reliable and fit for purpose. The installation needed to be quick to reduce the impact of water leakage and I found that Hep2O was the best choice, it was straightforward to use, really flexible, and could be connected quickly.” 

The push-fit system is made up of polybutylene plastic, which means it is compatible with other common materials used in plumbing systems, including copper. This meant that for Jay, Hep2O could be combined into the copper pipe without the need for any specialist equipment. 

One of the key issues that plumbers face during installation is ensuring the pipe system is fully secure. Jay said: “Hep2O was perfect for the job as I could also push the pipe in and feel when it was fully inserted into the fitting, thanks to a ‘rumble’ sensation. 

“I could visually see the fitting was fully inserted by checking the ‘–’ symbol, which aligned with the end of the pipe, proving particularly useful in the confined space I 
was working in.” 

Fittings are only demountable with the HepKey system, which helps to prevent tampering or accidental demounting. The simple key clips over the fitting to depress the collar and release the fitting. 

The HepKey enabled Jay to remove the fitting with one hand when working within the confined space. It works by clipping onto the fitting and holding the grab ring open, allowing the pipe to be pulled out while leaving one hand free.

Jay concluded: “I found Hep2O to be easy to use and far more durable than most systems on the market. When I finished the project, I was certain it would stay as I’d fitted it. Also, knowing that all Hep2O products have been through extensive testing to guarantee against defects gives me and my client peace of mind.”  

Jay is so confident in the use of Hep2O that he is planning to use it to build an irrigation supply pipe system for indoor gardens in London homes. The system will carry and distribute water to the imbedded plants within the pipes, giving residents the freedom to have a micro-garden in the comfort of their own home.